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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  January 9, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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on this friday night -- the breaking news. al qaeda now taking credit for the terror in paris. after a dramatic takedown of the terrorists, s.w.a.t. teams storming in to save the hostages. the fear -- the shoppers running for their lives. two separate scenes. the terrorists shot and killed. tonight, the urgent search for this woman. the new images coming in. and the warning this evening -- where they're concerned the next attack could come. also tonight -- the deadly 170-car pile-up in this country. the ice. a terrible scene. and the next system moving in. taken. the 3-year-old girl snatched through her bedroom window. and what her courageous family did next. and caught on tape. what bill cosby said to a woman last night in front of a huge crowd.
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good evening. on this friday night. across france across the world. we all watched today as s.w.a.t. teams moved in and in stunning fashion, took out the terrorists in two different directions. tonight, a frightening discovery, inside that paris grocery store, explosives connected to a detonatedetonator. s.w.a.t. teams get in before they went off. a plume of smoke before they surrounded a print shop near charles de gaulle airport. just miles away these images a flash of light there and then this -- the gun fire as s.w.a.t. teams rushed in terrified shoppers running out. three suspects killed and tonight one woman, a suspected terrorist, too, on the run. we have team coverage beginning with abc chief foreign correspondent terry moran in paris.
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>> reporter: that flash outside the kosher grocery store, french television broadcasting the end of this day of terrorism. s.w.a.t. teams rush in. hostages run out. this man cradling a child. we could hear the shots blocks away. lot of automatic gunfire. you can probably hear it. there's another bang. paris on edge. that grocery store where the siege unfolded for hours, just 19 miles away from the small town where the kouachi brothers were staging their last stand. abc's alex mar kuat on the seasons. >> at least one large boom. >> reporter: on the run for two days after their killing spree,
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hiding in the villages around a massive forest. 9:00 a.m. this morning, the brothers heading back towards paris, intercepted at a highway roadblock. taking cover inside a small printing plant. and encountering a salesman but letting him go. "i met one of the terrorists and i shook his hand he said the gun mba saying we don't kill civilians. next a standoff heavily armed police shutting down roads. residents told to shelter in place. terrified teachers trying to calm their students. >> in the school there are about 900 persons. and they say to us to stay in the high school. and to be calm but we can't because we are really scared. >> at nearby charles de gaulle airport, flight paths were rerouted.
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listen "we are the defenders of the prophet," he said. it went on for hours. authorities knowing that an innocent civilian was trapped inside with the brothers. then at 1:00 p.m., word of the second standoff in paris, a man armed with an automatic weapon entering the busy grocery store taking hostages. identified as ameddy coulibaly. he was connected to the kouachi brothers. watching these two standoffs play out in realtime for hours. at 5:00 p.m., this -- explosions gunfire and smoke rising from the printing factory. police said that the shootout began when the brothers burst out of the building with their guns blazing. less than 15 minutes later, the paris standoff ending too.
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s.w.a.t. teams storming into the grocery store, four hostages were killed. adding to the 13 innocents killed already this week. the owner of that store is telling french tv tonight he recognized the gunman. he said that he was in the store last week and so this kosher business was apparently targeted just as customers were stocking up for the sabbath. david. >> terry moran leading us off again tonight. terry thank you. new details this evening about that first scene of terror today, that printing shop school children nearby looking out the windows there. teachers singing nursery rhymes to keep them calm. you can hear the gun fire there and something else tonight, inside a worker hiding under a sink texting with police. the terrorist did not know that he was there. alex
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behind me is the entrance to where that printing business is, this is as close as police will let us get tonight. but one of the most amazing stories of the day is that during this standoff, there was a young employee for that print business who was inside hiding and the attackers never knew he was there. french authorities tells us his name is lilian, 26 years-old, and during those eight hours, he was under a pile of boxes on the second floor, feeding the police information via text message. the two suspects said enough is enough. they came out guns blazing, that's when the police killed him and he was able to come out of hiding. prosecutors said that's when police went into the building they discovered an arsenal of weapons and a rocket-propelled grenade primed and ready to launch. a truly remarkable story, david? as we showed you at the top here three suspects killed
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today. but one still on the run this hour a mystery woman. this evening, new images coming in this evening. abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz on who they're looking for. >> reporter: it is this woman, hayat boumediene -- young radical, armed and dangerous -- who police are urgently searching for tonight. her accomplice, and boyfriend, amedy coulibaly, the hostage taker killed by police in the kosher grocery store. coulibaly and the 26-year-old woman believed to be connected with the gunning down of a female police officer yesterday. the four terrorists, part of an al qaeda cell, not the loan wolves, we have seen in the past, radicalized muslims seeking revenge against the west, views that likely grew more extreme during time some spent in prison. >> you have somebody who is in prison for committing a crime. they're often going to be exposed to other bad individuals. >> reporter: at least one of the
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attackers traveled to yemen for training in 2011 and in that phone call to a french television station this morning, before being killed by police, cherif kouachi said they were financed by anwar awlaki, the american-born al qaeda leader in yemen who was killed by a u.s. drone strike in september 2011. the gunman refused to answer questions about whether they were more accomplices. a nightmare scenario. leaving counterterrorism officials racing to determine if there are more members of the sleeper cell. and the big question tonight -- why weren't these known terrorists being tracked by french officials? >> if you're going to follow one person 4 hours a day, 7 days a week that's a commitment of 20 or 21 agents doing surveillance and you can't do that for more than a hand full of people.
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>> martha raddatz is live with us. you saw al qaeda taking credit for all of this what's the reporting on that. >> in a chilling video n a warning to the french to stop what they call an assault on muslims or they will never be safe. also tonight the french are saying the young woman they're now searching for and the wife of one of the brothers exchanged over 500 telephone calls in the last year but the french apparently not tracking them. >> wow, 500 calls. martha thank you. across the world, there's still concern tonight. other members of a cell. another attack coming? the uk warning they could be next stepping up security tonight. so many asking what about here at home. let's turn to pierre thomas. >> reporter: david, fbi and homeland security officials have just sent out a bulletin to 18,000 police agencies across the country, warning about the threat of home-grown radicals and the need to stay vigilant.
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the fbi has been routinely finding home-grown radicals in ery part of this country. look at these faces. these are people convicted of terrorism in the u.s. who got inspiration from anwar awlaki of al qaeda in yemen. 50 cases from tampa, chicago, northern virginia wichita, kansas many busted in fbi stings. right now, there's an urgent threat of isis that group known for beheading. tonight, there's a loft worry about everything right here at home and the u.s. government has just set out a warning for americans traveling abroad to be on guard. >> thank you. one more image on this tonight. that # jesuischarlie tweeted
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more than $5 million time. much later on our broadcast, "nightline" and right here throughout the weekend. we move on and to the deep freeze across the nation as we head into this weekend creating chaos on the an explosion in the distance there, those are fireworks unleashed when two semis collided. setting off a 170-car pile-up. now, another punch of cold air on the way. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano reporting in tonight. tonight -- deadly driving a 170 vehicle pileup in michigan on major interstate 94 mangled cars and tractor trailers burning out of control. this one, carrying a load of fireworks. >> we know one fatality for sure, think they've gotten to all injured. >> reporter: a three mile area
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around the crash, evacuated. >> i'm lucky to be alive. the driver behind me protected me and kept me from dying, basically. >> reporter: in western new york, traffic cameras on the state thruway showing a ghost town. 132 miles of road, shut down snowing sideways. after this deadly week, the menz family counting their blessings, after slamming into the back of a tractor trailer in blinding snow. dragged 16 miles, calling 911 >> it was know mriebding. we ran into the back of our tractor-trailer. >> reporter: tonight, everyone's safe. >> 16 miles of complete and utter helplessness we had no control of anything. >> an impossible week to drive in so many parts of this country. rob with us live from bostoning t. another batch of snow and cold coming this weekend.
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>> yes, david, more cold and more snow that we have to contend with especially in upstate new york from michigan to north of syracuse where over the weekend, they could see over 5 feet of snow now also this next batch of cold coming down tonight, dangerous windchills again. chicago, minneapolis, anywhere from 14 to 18 degrees below zero. tomorrow morning will be the windchill. sub freezing all of the way down to the south, but watch the white line, we see a little bit of moderation temperatures in the south will get to the 50s and 60s. david, back to you. now to a headline about america's jobs tonight. employers adding 252,000 jobs added. the job growth in 15 years. unemployment dropping to 5.6%. wages are down. even with this improving economy.
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overseas tonight, to indonesia, the underwater search for the black boxes from that doomed airasia flight. 17 days before the batteries run down completely. a terrifying moment for one family in southern california their 3-year-old snatched by a stranger from her bedroom window, her 4-year-old sister springing into action alerting her dad that something was wrong. >> reporter: it's ees's every parents's worst nightmare a 3-year-old girl kidnapped, taken from her from this house north of los angeles. detectives said the suspect walked behind their apartment here and opened this window. when she got close, he reached in and snatched her. >> my thought was, i took her -- >> reporter: the victim's 4-year-old sister running into the living room alerting the
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father. an uncle catching up with the suspect and pinning him to a wall. >> they quickly chased after this individual. were able to regain custody of the little girl. >> reporter: deputies arrested this 37-year-old. the little girl unharmed. 115 kidnaps of children by strangers each year 16% from their homes. in utah last november a 5-year-old girl was taken from her bedroom. her family also rushing outside, catching the suspect in the nick of time. her mother crediting that parental ins zblikt because i was away i was able to hear the things that were able to save my daughter. >> reporter: brandi hitt abc news. we turn now to bill cosby, taking the stage, facing off with a heckler and making a comment to a woman in the audience that made some members of that audience gasp. right he said linsey's davis
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with the tape. >> reporter: the boos during cosby's standup last night -- not aimed at the embattled comedian but at a heckler. as security escorts the man out, cosby urges restraint. >> okay. we just have patience. okay? >> reporter: the disruption shortly after cosby asked a female audience member, who got up from her front row seat during the show where she was going. >> she said something along the lines of "i'm getting a drink, do you want one?" and he said, "no, i already got one." "but, you know, you should be careful drinking around me." and the whole audience sort of "ooo'd" >> reporter: the joke alluding to the allegations by women who say he drugged them, spiking their drinks before sexually assaulted them. outside the theater -- more than a hundred protesters. after the show, cosby releasing this statement saying, "one outburst, but over 2,600 loyal, patient and courageous fans. i'm far from finished." linsey davis, abc news, new york.
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>> linsey thank you. still much more ahead on "world news" this friday and the stunning moment -- the collision. the white van colliding rightinto a city bus, the bus then slamming into a home a woman in her living room and you'll hear from her coming up next. the majestic golden gate bridge tonight, is it being turned into a bridge to nowhere? we'll explain. no stunts in our city who's turning james bond away. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are thankful for many things. the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. our world-class service earned usaa the top spot in a study of the most recommended large companies in america. if you're current or former military, or their family, see if you're eligible to get an auto insurance quote. ♪
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6:50 pm
watch again. police say the van runs a red light, crashes into the bus and forces it into a home. passengers are thrown from their seats. >> call 911! call 911! >> reporter: inside the house, a woman watching tv. >> all of a sudden, like the wall just came in and hit the i got hit by a bus and nothing's broken. >> there are more than 60 vehicle-into-building crashes every day. more than 3600 injuries a year. almost 500 deaths. >> you guys okay? >> yes. >> reporter: in the aftermath of albuquerque crash, cameras even catch passengers and the driver helping each other. police say the van's driver will be cited for running a red light, causing a crash that somehow ne survived. ryan owens, abc news, dallas. when we come back tonight --
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finally tonight, here we thought it only fitting after a week of such difficult news we take a moment to remember celebrate a city so beautiful, so iconic. the eiel tower, they dim the lights for a time to honor those lost. a tree -- in one of paris' main squares. messages of strength, of hope. not afraid. charlie -- that newspaper. vigils, the pens, and pencils, a show of solidarity with those editors, those cartoonists. on the arch de triomphe -- paris is charlie. and that familiar message -- rising from the crowd again -- not afraid. flowers where that first officer was shot and killed, the one lying on the sidewalk. believed to be muslim, ahmed merabet.
6:58 pm
the hashtag, je suis ahmed now used across the world, too. a moment of silence, standing in the rain at notre dame. tonight, one of the many cartoons in honor of the fallen. yesterday, today and tomorrow. the french flag at half-staff outside the presidential palace tonight, with memorials expected into the weekend -- a country, with a united message tonight. and as always we thank you for being here on such a big week of news. i'm david muir i hope to see you right back here monday night. good night.
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